• Kalyani, Nadia:

Kholo Aankhi opened our eyes to see how to realise our dreams to pass Madhyamik and move forward which neither we nor our parents could ever thought of.                                                                                                                                              Lachima, one of the beneficiaries.

Kholo Aankhi started its journey through the educational project Sahaj Path in two villages, Madandanga and Knatabele near Kalyani in the District of Nadia, West Bengal. The project continued there for three years by providing text books, quality tuition support to the students of class IX & X. It helped them to successfully go ahead with their studies skipping chances of being dropped out. Around 120 students were benefited from the project there. During these years, we achieved to build-up close bond with the students and earned trust and confidence from their parents. That apart, growing awareness developed gradually about the necessity and significance of education in their lives. Many of them are earning their bread now.

Kantabele is proud to have its first Master degree holder in Lachima Khatun who was our beneficiary under our first batch. She lost her father in her childhood and her mother alone brought her up by selling vegetables. Lachima is being supported by Change Initiatives from her post Madhyamik days.

  • Beliaghata, Kolkata:

We stepped in the urban area through Ram Mohan Vidya Mandir for Girls’ High school, Beliaghata, Kolkata in 2010. Most of the students used to come there from backward families and were first-generation learners. We provided after school learning support to the students of class V & VI there and arranged for lunch before the commencement of classes.  About 100 girl students came under our fold in two years. The abysmal condition of primary education especially for the less privileged children came to light when most of such girls could not read simple vernacular texts.

  • Basanti Devi Colony, Bidhan Nagar (24Parganas-N):

Drawing significant experience and insights from our Beliaghata learning center, we decided to open a free quality after school learning center for the primary students (class I to IV) belonging to poor disadvantaged sections at the community level. Primary education opens up a new world before the wondering eyes of a child and is a crucial stage in a child’s formative development to shape the child into a learner, thinker, and social being. It provides openings for their energy, creativity, and emotion.

We identified Basanti Devi Colony, Chingrighata under Ward No 36, Bidhan Nagar Municipal Corporation, 24 Parganas (N) West Bengal, to open a center as visualized. In 2012 after a thorough survey we started a free after school learning center there with the students of primary level, staying in the colony.

We tried to uplift the standard of education of the children to cope them up with mainstream education after being promoted to class V.

We could bring about considerable changes not only in their education but also in their way of life which was erstwhile errant due to lack of proper guidance.

The project continued there for five years since 2012. Along with children’s education, as a part of community service, we organized health camps, eye camps, adult education etc for the people of the area.

Sarada Pally, Green Park:

A new phase of the Sahaj Path project at Sarada Pally, Green Park area started in September 2017 for the primary students (class I – class IV) in partnership with Cathedral Relief Service, Kolkata with the children coming from two nearby colonies, Bedia Para and Nibedita Colony.

The environment in which the children are born and brought up leaves indelible imprint on the ongoing process of their growing up. Most of them are hyperactive, inattentive, restless, and disobedient and are used to uttering abusive language knowingly or unknowingly.

It is our social responsibility to bring some changes in their life as best as we can despite knowing the fact that it needs sustained hard work, patience, empathy, sincerity remaining honest to our avowed objective.

Our qualified teachers take individual care of the students of each class. The teacher-in-charge looks after the project as a whole and visits the homes at a regular interval to keep in touch with the parents of the children. We conduct drawing and other co-curricular activity classes once a week to nurture the inner qualities of the students and also arrange for sports meet, cultural program, drama, etc. Periodical eye checkups and health checkups are also arranged for the students and the people of the locality.

Kholo Aankhi provides support to some students from a low economic background studying at various levels.

Support to individual students under Sahaj Path