The project sets its goal towards an improved life of the underprivileged people who can live life with dignity and stay protected from extreme natural conditions like summer, winter and rain by owning descent clothes. A large section of the population of our country stays in deplorable conditions, work hard to earn their daily breads, but in most cases fail to manage a second set of clothes to wear. On the other hand, sections of population have plenty of clothes which they discard for various reasons. The project creates provision for sourcing used but wearable clothes for extreme poor section of the society by motivating higher income group, so that they donate their discarded, but wearable clothes regularly. The key focus is on children – especially orphans, destitute senior citizen and women in need.

Since last AGM we gave garments to the followings:


Sanlap, a well known organization is working for destitute girl child since long.   They came and collected around 200 pieces of garments from our office as per specification for the inmates of their Sneha Home. 

Sri Balaram Karan, Founder Secretary of Antyoday Anath Ashram personally came and collected more than 300 clothes for their Ashram inmates and the villagers of nearby villages. They give the clothes to the villagers with a condition that they should send their children to school otherwise they won’t get those.We sent 35 saris by Sri Karan to Monadi , the super of  Antyoday Anath Ashram Mandarmani guest house for the distressed women villagers of her native village Gangti at Suri WB. 

Kholo Aankhi team visited Shabar Para of Maldi village at Purulia, WB, twice in this year in June and November to distribute the old cotton clothes and warm garments too before commencement of winter. All together the number of clothes distributed to the Shabars, specially to the children and the women who are badly in need of clothes were more than 800 in number. We were spellbound when the owner of Rajasthan transport company told us that they would not charge any transportation costs for the 10 sacks what we were sending for the poor people of Purulia. 

We sent 50 saris to Postu Bala Devi, Secretary, Manbhum Lok Sankskriti O Nachni Unnayan Samity” for distribution among its members who despite hunger and humiliation are trying to uphold the banner of Jhumur Dance, a rich folk culture of Bengal is almost going to be died out.


We also distributed clothes to some girls and women at Mayur Pahar area of Purulia during our journey.

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