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Donation of Essential Items to Survive COVID-19

We are thankful to you for your constant support to Kholo Aankhi. In today’s crisis situation Kholo Aankhi has already started its emergency support programme by reaching out to—–

Migrant labours by contributing Rs.10000/- to the kitchen run by the ex and present students of Jadavpur University

15 children and youth sponsored by Kholo Aankhi under various projects by giving Rs.500/- to each of them

Tribal families of Munda Para, South 24 Parganas, by sending Rs.5000/- for purchasing some food materials through an organization Pragya Cultural centre

Antyoday Anath Ashram Paunsi by giving Rs.10000/- where about 150 children stay in two homes.

We will keep you update regarding our activities from time to time.